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Waypoints for all the Elders of the 2012 Lunar Festival

I was ready for the Lunar festival and all the traveling I was about to do. I had a great guide (The Overachiever's Guide to 2012's Lunar Festival) and hints in the comments on Wowhead for individual elders. Planning to do this on three characters, I was prepared for the tediousness of the festival and had the info to do it as quickly as possible.

However, it was still a matter of chasing all over the place, looking at my location and trying to figure out how the coordinate system worked, "should I fly North or East to make the little numbers go up or down." And then there was the time I missed one elder in the Borean Tundra and didn't realize it until I was all the way over in the Howling Fjord. I traveled back to the tundra to get the elder I missed, only to realize I'd forgotten one of the two Utgarde dungeon elders back in Howling Fjord. *facepalm*

Right when I was finishing the achievement on one character I saw coordinates for TomTom waypoints in the bottom of one wowhead comment and I realized someone might have made TomTom waypoint coordinates for the elders and I'd be able to just follow the big green arrow everywhere for my next two characters. A quick Google later and I found a guide to the Elders as they were in 2011.

It was missing both the Cataclysm and dungeon elders. Even if it did have the elders in the dungeons themselves, I wanted waypoints in the dungeon's regions as reminders so I wouldn't traipse back and forth across Northrend again. It was time to edit the waypoints myself and check them all, since I saw a few mistakes.

Then, I realized there was no good way to upload all those waypoints, except copying and pasting by hand a few lines at a time into a macro. And I'd have to limit each paste to 255 chars or less. I searched around and found an 'extended macro' editor that allowed more then 255 characters in a macro. I highly recommend SuperDuperMacro, it makes this a whole lot easier.

Copy and paste the following waypoints into an SDM macro, then run it. Magical little green waypoints will show up all over the world, turn on the big arrow and follow it around from point to point.

As a final note, even following the arrow doesn't help all the time. I was verifying the coordinates as I traveled around on my second character doing the achievement and I had finished the Eastern Kingdoms when in the middle of Kalimdor I realized I didn't have the Eastern Kingdom achievement. Looking at the achievement, it turned out I was so concerned about getting the coordinates correct, I'd completely forgotten to complete the quest on one of the elders. *facepalm*

Maybe I'll get it right on character number three.

Addons Required

# Elders of Kalimdor (21)
# --------------------------------
/way Durotar 53.1 43.5 Elder Runetotem (Razor Hill)
/way Azshara 64.7 79.4 Elder Skygleam (Ravencrest Monument)
/way Winterspring 59.98 49.93 Elder Stonespire (Everlook)
/way Winterspring 53.2 56.6 Elder Brightspear (Lake Kel'Theril)
/way Darkshore 49.5 18.9 Elder Starweave (Lor'danel)
/way Felwood 38.36 52.86 Elder Nightwind (Jaedenar)
/way Teldrassil 56.82 53.09 Elder Bladeleaf (Dolanaar)
/way Ashenvale 35.4 48.9 Elder Riversong (Astranaar)
/way Tanaris 51.4 28.8 Elder Dreamseer (Gadgetzan)
/way Tanaris 37.2 79.0 Elder Ragetotem (Valley of the Watchers (Outside of Uldum))
/way Silithus 53.02 35.47 Elder Bladesing (Cenarion Hold)
/way Silithus 30.8 13.12 Elder Primestone (Crystal Vale)
/way Un'Goro Crater 50.1 76.1 Elder Thunderhorn (Slithering Scar)
/way Thousand Needles 46.3 51.0 Elder Skyseer (Freewind Post)
/way Thousand Needles 77.09 75.63 Elder Morningdew (Fizzle & Pozzik's Speedbarge)
/way Feralas 76.70 37.95 Grimtotem Elder (Lariss Pavilion)
/way Feralas 62.50 31.00 Mistwalker Elder (Dire Maul PvP arena)
/way Mulgore 48.3 53.4 Bloodhoof Elder (Bloodhoof Village)
/way Southern Barrens 41.57 47.50 Elder High Mountain (Vendetta point near Camp Taurajo)
/way Northern Barrens 48.54 59.27 Elder Moonwarden (The Crossroads)
/way Northern Barrens 68.4 69.9 Elder Windtotem (Ratchet)

# Elders of Eastern Kingdoms (17)
# --------------------------------
/way Blasted Lands 54.24 49.62 Elder Bellowrage (Dark Portal)
/way Burning Steppes 53.63 24.52 Elder Dawnstrider (Flame Crest)
/way Burning Steppes 70.45 45.26 Elder Rumblerock (Dreadmaul Rock)
/way Searing Gorge 21.1 78.8 Elder Ironband (Blackchar Cave)
/way Westfall 56.6 47.0 Elder Skychaser (Sentinel Hill)
/way Elwynn Forest 39.6 63.5 Elder Stormbrow (Goldshire)
/way Northern Stranglethorn 71.1 34.26 Elder Starglade (Zul'Gurub)
/way The Cape of Stranglethorn 40.0 72.46 Elder Winterhoof (Booty Bay)
/way Dun Morogh 53.92 49.92 Elder Goldwell (Kharanos)
/way Loch Modan 33.0 46.5 Elder Silvervein (Thelsamar)
/way The Hinterlands 49.9 47.9 Elder Highpeak (Creeping Ruin)
/way Eastern Plaguelands 75.7 54.6 Elder Snowcrown (Light's Hope Chapel)
/way Eastern Plaguelands 35.6 68.8 Elder Windrun (Crown Guard Tower)
/way Western Plaguelands 63.5 36.1 Elder Meadownrun (Inside of The Weeping Cave)
/way Western Plaguelands 69.19 73.46 Elder Moonstriker (Caer Darrow - Outside of Scholomance)
/way Tirisfal Glades 61.88 53.93 Elder Graveborn (Brill)
/way Silverpine Forest 44.8 41.1 Elder Obsidian (The Sepulcher)

# Elders of the Alliance (3)
# These elders are located in Alliance capital cities.
/way Elwynn Forest 34.54 50.29 Elder Hammershout (Gates of Stormwind)
/way Ironforge 29.39 17.17 Elder Bronzebeard (Mystic Ward)
/way Darnassus 39.32 31.73 Elder Bladeswift (Cenarion Enclave)

# Elders of the Horde (3)
# These elders are located in Horde capital cities.
/way Undercity 66.59 38.39 Elder Darkcore (Ruins of Lordaeron (outside))
/way Orgrimmar 52.30 59.96 Elder Darkhorn (The Drag (On top))
/way Thunder Bluff 72.2 23.5 Elder Wheathoof (Elder Rise)

# Elders of Northrend (18)
# --------------------------------
/way Dragonblight 29.7 55.9 Elder Morthie (Star's Rest)
/way Dragonblight 35.1 48.3 Elder Skywarden (Agmar's Hammer)
/way Dragonblight 48.8 78.2 Elder Thoim (Moa'ki Harbor)
/way Grizzly Hills 60.6 27.7 Elder Beldak (Westfall Brigade Encampment)
/way Grizzly Hills 80.5 37.1 Elder Lunaro (Ruins of Tethys)
/way Grizzly Hills 64.2 47.0 Elder Whurain (Camp Oneqwah)
/way Zul'Drak 58.9 56.0 Elder Tauros (Zim'Torga)
/way The Storm Peaks 28.9 73.7 Elder Fargal (Frosthold)
/way The Storm Peaks 31.3 37.6 Elder Stonebeard (Bouldercrag's Refuge)
/way The Storm Peaks 41.2 84.7 Elder Graymane (K3)
/way The Storm Peaks 64.6 51.3 Elder Muraco (Camp Tunka'lo)
/way Sholazar Basin 49.78 63.62 Elder Sandrene (River's Heart)
/way Sholazar Basin 63.8 49.0 Elder Wanikaya (Rainspeaker Rapids)
/way Borean Tundra 33.8 34.37 Elder Northal (Transitus Shield)
/way Borean Tundra 57.39 43.72 Elder Arp (D.E.H.T.A.)
/way Borean Tundra 42.9 49.6 Elder Pamuya (Warsong Hold)
/way Borean Tundra 59.1 65.6 Elder Sardis (Valiance Keep)

/way Wintergrasp 49.0 13.9 Elder Bluewolf (Wintergrasp Fortress)

# Elders of the Dungeons (13)
# These elders are located in dungeons
# --------------------------------
/way Swamp of Sorrows 69.62 53.81 Elder Starsong (The Sunken Temple)
/way Sunken Temple 62.95 34.43 Elder Starsong (On the left just inside)
/way Burning Steppes 24.14 25.85 Elder Stonefort (Lower Blackrock Spire)
/way Blackrock Spire 61.85 40.02 Elder Stonefort
/way Burning Steppes 18.46 25.17 Elder Morndeep (Blackrock Depths)
/way Blackrock Depths 50.53 62.88 Elder Morndeep (Center of the Ring of Law)
/way Eastern Plaguelands 26.32 11.81 Elder Farwhisper (Inside Stratholme)
/way Stratholme 78.59 22.19 Elder Farwhisper (Near Market Square Gate)
/way Desolace 29.2 62.52 Elder Splitrock (Inside Maraudon)
/way Maraudon 51.47 93.75 Elder Splitrock (Near Rotgrip's Pool)
/way Tanaris 39.23 21.37 Elder Wildmane (Inside Zul'Farrak)
/way Zul'Farrak 34.6 39.3 Elder Wildmane (Zul'Farrak near Gahz'rilla)
/way Dragonblight 26.02 50.82 Elder Burgen (Inside Azjol-Nerub)
/way Azjol-Nerub 21.8 43.45 Elder Nurgen (After drop following Hadronox)
/way Howling Fjord 57.35 47.02 Elder Jarten (Inside Utgarde Keep)
/way Utgarde Keep 47.47 69.49 Elder Jarten
/way Howling Fjord 57.23 46.53 Elder Chogan'gada (Inside Utgarde Pinnacle)
/way Utgarde Pinnacle 48.58 22.74 Elder Chogan'gada (After Skadi the Ruthless)
/way Zul'drak 76.24 21.18 Elder Ohanzee (Inside Gun'drak)
/way Gundrak 45.62 61.49 Elder Ohanzee (Near Drakkari Colossus)
/way Grizzly Hills 17.44 21.19 Elder Kilias (Inside Drak'tharon Keep)
/way Drak'tharon Keep 68.85 79.21 Elder Kilias (Near King Dred)
/way The Storm Peaks 39.66 26.93 Elder Yurauk (Inside The Halls of Stone)
/way Halls of Stone 29.34 61.86 Elder Yurauk (Before Krystallus)
/way Borean Tundra 27.51 26.10 Elder Igasho (Inside The Nexus)
/way The Nexus 55.24 64.69 Elder Igasho (Near Ormorok)

# Elders of Cataclysm (9)
# These elders are located in areas affected by the Cataclysm
# --------------------------------
/way Twilight Highlands 50.9 70.5 Elder Firebeard (The Dunwald Ruins)
/way Twilight Highlands 51.9 33.1 Elder Darkfeather (Thundermar Ruins)
/way Mount Hyjal 62.5 22.8 Elder Evershade (Nordrassil)
/way Mount Hyjal 26.7 62.0 Elder Windsong (Sanctuary of Malorne)
/way Uldum 65.5 18.7 Elder Menkhaf (Khartut's Tomb)
/way Uldum 31.57 63.01 Elder Sekhemi (The Ruins of Am mon)
/way Deepholm 49.7 54.9 Elder Stonebrand (Temple of Earth)
/way Deepholm 27,7 69.2 Elder Deepforge (Stonehearth)
/way Shimmering Expanse 57.3 86.2 Elder Moonlance (Biel'aran Ridge)

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